Companion ScatterPods®

SPC23 Coupled Together Companion ScatterPod®

Our Companion size ScatterPod® will hold two full sets of ashes, each up to adult size, for scattering together or separately.

Size: 44.5cm tall, 16.8cm wide and 16.8cm deep (18 x 6.5 x 6.5 inches)

Capacity: 9,368 cm3 (570 cubic inches, 9.3 litres), across both compartments

ScatterPod® Features: No glue required, no need to turn upside down when placing the ashes into the Pod, no unsightly air hole, the scattering hole is close to the edge, high quality images that flows all the way around with no unsightly join line, has a writable base label and is fully bio-degradable.

Each side will hold a full set of ashes, up to adult size! 

2 separate compartments, so ashes can be interred at separate times... 

...and then scattered together! 

Exclusive design to this size! 

SPC23 Coupled Together Companion ScatterPod®

Companion Size: Our Companion size ScatterPod® will hold two full sets of adult ashes, having a cubic capacity of 4,684cm3 (285 cubic inches) in each separate compartment. The ScatterPod® is 44.5cm tall, and 16.8cm wide on each side (Approx. 18" tall x 7" wide). Smaller sizes are available should you wish to hold a single set of ashes.

Coupled Together : Our brand new design is exclusive to our new Companion sized ScatterPod®. With enough space for two sets of ashes up to Adult size, this ScatterPod® allows for a couple's ashes to be scattered together. It can hold any combination of two sets of ashes, including children and pet ashes. 

ScatterPod® - a new design of eco-friendly scattering cremation urns.

We have designed our range of ScatterPods® with ease of use in mind. No glue is required, as each Pod has it's own unique seal included. This allows for each Pod to be completely sealed for storage of the ashes. Once ready for the scattering of the ashes, simply peel up the tab on the top and scatter.

Each ScatterPod® features a high quality finish to fully remember the memories of the dear loved one contained inside, which each design as seamless as possible around the side.

ScatterPods® don't have to be used just for the scattering of ashes, they are a great alternative to a standard metal Urn, being a much more eco-friendly version.

Companion ScatterPod® Instruction Video:

ScatterPod® Features

Every single ScatterPod has been co-designed by a funeral director, so you know that not only does each ScatterPod® look good, it's also very easy to use!

The ScatterPod® range is available from all good funeral directors and funeral homes.

If your local funeral director or funeral home don't currently offer the ScatterPod® range, please ask them to contact one of our distributors around the world.

Please note that not all products are available in every country.