Fill. Seal. Scatter

Born out of a passion for creating high quality products with great functionaility, Global Memorial Products Ltd. was formed in 2014 specifically to create the ScatterPod® range of scattering cremation urns, with all of our range co-designed by a funeral director, using their real world knowledge to perfect each product to be as practical and easy to use as they can be.

Starting with a great idea, it took over ten months to design and perfect the product with several prototypes, before manufacturing first commenced. Starting with just the Adult size and just four designs, the range has now expanded to four sizes and over fifteen different designs, as well as additional products, such as our incredibly popular Donation ScatterPod®, along with matching stand.

It doesn’t stop there, though. We are constantly working on product development, both on our existing products and new products alike. It still takes us months from sketching out a new idea, to receiving a working product that we are happy to market. That’s because great products can’t be rushed, and we like to build several prototypes and test them out to ensure they withstand real world environments, not only for funeral directors, but families too.

And because, the entire range has been co-designed by a funeral director, we not only have a unique insight into how the products are used, they are used everyday by the same funeral director.

Designed for funeral directors, by a funeral director.


with no need to turn upside down.


place inside lid on and seal in seconds.


peel back seal and scatter.