Scattering Cremation Urns

Scattering Cremation Urns

Born out of a passion for creating high quality products with great functionality, Global Memorial Products Ltd. was formed in 2014 specifically to create the ScatterPod®  range of scattering cremation urns, with all of our range co-designed by a funeral director, using their real world knowledge to perfect each product to be as practical and easy to use as they can be.

ScatterPod® Features: No glue required, no need to turn upside down when placing the ashes into the Pod, no unsightly air hole, the scattering hole is close to the edge, high quality images that flows all the way around with no unsightly join line, has a writable base label and is fully bio-degradable.

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ScatterPods® are so easy to use that they are the number one choice for many funeral directors around the world!

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Our Companion ScatterPod® will hold two full sets of ashes, both up to Adult size, in two separate compartments. The ashes can be interred at separate times and scattered together at a later date.

Our Adult size ScatterPod® will hold a full set of ashes of an adult.

Our Round Adult size ScatterPod® will hold a full set of ashes of an adult.

The Medium ScatterPod® will hold half of an adult's ashes, or can also be used for the ashes of a child or most domestic pets.

Our Child ScatterPod® will hold the ashes of a child.

Our Pet size ScatterPod® will hold the ashes of most domestic pets.

Our Keepsake size ScatterPod® will hold a token amount of ashes, and is ideal if you wish to retain a small amount of ashes, or to keep some for future use, such as in jewellery.

The Donation ScatterPod® range features both single-use donation containers, and multi-use stands. Donation ScatterPods® are supplied ready to accept donations, seal in seconds, and can be handed directly to the charity for counting.