10th April 2024 - SPC01 Bluebell Woodland Companion ScatterPod® 

10th April 2024 -  Our popular Companion ScatterPod®, which can hold two full sets of adult ashes, is now also available in our popular Bluebell Woodland design...

10th April 2024

When we launched our Companion ScatterPod® back in 2021, the first scattering companion urn in the world, it was an instant success.

Having two completely separate compartments allows two sets of ashes, both up to adult size, to be placed into the ScatterPod® on separate occasions, to be scattered together at a later date.

And being a ScatterPod®, it means no glue is required as it utilises our unique self sealing system, the image flows around all 4 sides - even across the join line and a full size base label allows plenty of details to be recorded.

It was originally launched in our special 'Coupled Together' design, which is unique to this size, but we were asked if we could also make it available in a different design - so here is our Bluebell Woodland version - which is our most popular design in all other sizes!

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