15th April 2024 - Ten years of ScatterPod®

15th April 2024 - 2024 marks the 10th anniversary of ScatterPod® scattering urns...

15th April 2024

2024 marks the 10th anniversary of ScatterPod® scattering urns.

2014 saw us on the start of a journey to create great looking and easy to use scattering urns to fulfil a gap in the market.

Over 9 months of development took place before the product was ready and the first batch produced. We started out with the Adult size of our iconic Square scattering urns, available in just four initital designs, which are still available today: Bluebell Woodland, Sunset Field, Tranquil Lake and Spring Tulips.

Our ScatterPod® range was unique to the market, in that no glue was required to seal the ScatterPod®, and there was no need to turn the product upside down either, when placing the ashes inside. We complemented those features with vibrant designs that flowed around all 4 sides of the ScatterPod®, even across the join line, and included a full size base label so there was plenty of space to record any neccessary details, especially handy when a Funeral Director has many sets of ashes in their care.

Once we started selling them to funeral directors we realised the potential of our new product would soon outgrow us, so at the beginning of 2015 we partnered with Clarke & Strong to distribute the ScatterPod® range in the United Kingdom. The range then quickly expanded to include two further sizes, our Medium and Keepsakes, and also some new designs: Sunset Ocean and Poppy Field as well as two new plain colours - Maroon Red and Navy Blue.

We then further added our Donation ScatterPod® range, which simplified donations for funeral directors. Taking the requirement to count and log the donations away from funeral directors saved time and money, as well as removing any risk. We also introduced a round version of our Adult ScatterPod®, which included all of the same features as our Square ScatterPods®, but also incorporated an angle cut lid which is unique to our range, so the lid always went back on in the right place - to easily line the design up!

In 2020, we introduced what is now one of our best selling designs, Flying Doves, and is available on our Adult, Medium, Keepsake and Adult Round sizes!

All of that wasn't enough though, and in 2021, we completely stunned the funeral trade with our Companion sized ScatterPod®. It was the very first Companion sized scattering urn to be produced and marketed, and can hold two full sets of adult ashes, in two separate compartments, so they can be placed inside on separate occasions, and then scattered together when required! It includes all of the features of the rest of the ScatterPod® range and is now available in two designs: Coupled Together, which is a unique design to the Companion size, as well as recently producing it in our ever popular Bluebell Woodland design!

Since our inception, and still to this day, the entire ScatterPod® range has been co-designed by a working funeral director, so you know that not only are the products designed by us, they're also used by us, every single day! That's why they are so easy to use and look fantastic, and as well as scattering urns, they can also be used for the burial or storage of ashes too!