Maroon Donation ScatterPod® Multi Use Stand

Maroon Donation ScatterPod® Multi Use Stand


Our Maroon Donation ScatterPod® Stand is one of two colours currently produced and is designed to hold the relevant colour Donation ScatterPod® (sold separately). It features a base label to record any particulars.

Donation ScatterPod® Stand

Each Donation ScatterPod® Stand is supplied with a pack of 15 blank cards, where the charity details can be shown. Whilst each Donation ScatterPod® is single use, the stands are designed to be used multiple times if looked after. The stand is 24.2cm wide, 20.0 cm deep and 4.8cm tall (10" x 8" x 2").

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We always encourage you to visit your local funeral director or pet crematorium to purchase a ScatterPod®, as they can offer a fully inclusive service for you. However, if you are unable to source one locally, you can purchase directly with us, on a supply only basis.

Donation ScatterPod® Stand - an ideal way to display a Donation ScatterPod® (sold separately).

Our new Donation Pod Stand is designed to hold one Donation ScatterPod® (sold separately), with a clear pocket on the front to hold details of the charity that the collection is for.

Each stand is reusable, and is supplied with a pack of 15 blank cards to show details of the charity, which fit neatly into the included clear pocket on the front of the stand.

Additional packs of blank cards are available separately, if needed

The Donation ScatterPod® Stand features a high quality, leatherette type effect finish, and the base features a writable base label for recording any particulars

Easy to use instructions are included with every ScatterPod®

Donation ScatterPod® Stand Features

Every single Donation ScatterPod® Stand has been co-designed by a funeral director, so you know that not only does each ScatterPod® look good, it's also very easy to use!

  • Co-designed by a funeral director: to be as simple and efficient as possible
  • Supplied with: a pack of 15 blank cards for charity details
  • Clear pocket: on the front will hold details of the charity
  • Multi-use: can be used multiple times
  • Matching finish: to the relevant Donation ScatterPod® (sold separately)
  • High quality finish: coated in leatherette style paper
  • Writable base label: with plenty of room for particulars to be recorded
  • Size
    Height 4.8 cm (2")
    Width 24.2 cm (10")
    Depth 20 cm (8")
    Material Card (Greyboard)

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    Tags: Donation Stand, Maroon

    Tags: Donation Stand, Maroon